Design Assistance

An engineer has many aspects of a project to coordinate. They must focus on providing a perfect balance between the owners investment, reliability of the systems, operational costs, energy efficiency, code and safety requirements, etc. Mechanical Products, NSW is here to help the engineering community with matching up the perfect system with every individual projects' needs. All systems have unique considerations that our team can help engineers navigate through.


Customized Equipment Selections

Many of the requirements of a project aren't easily solved by off-the-shelf products. We assist engineers in building products that match the application, this way building owners get the highest return on their investment. Our team is here to help build products to fulfill the need. 


Project Coordination

Our Sales Engineers take pride in the value of teamwork. We help coordinate our projects from conceptual design with the Consulting Engineers that we work with, to the Mechanical Contractors that is employed to install the system. We assist with all aspects of the project to help deliver a superior system to the building owner.